About us


Here at Do or Die Entertainment, our top priority is to our Artistes and all our business affiliates and Fans. Our Aim is to discover and sign unsigned Artistes that have the “It factor”, that it takes to make it in this Lucrative, yet difficult at times Music Industry. Once you are “inducted into the DO or Die Family”, we will then facilitate and provide the proper guidance and coaching needed to excel in the Entertainment Industry.

While we are an Entertainment company, we still believe in Team Work. We understand that, in order for us to be able to successful work with our Artistes and take their careers to the next level, we (US)a Company at large, must have our affairs in order. To ensure that our services to our Artistes and Fans are premium and cutting edge, we only work and associate with the Industry’s best.

Mission Statement
Our mission for Do or Die Entertainment is to establish a global Entertainment company that allows both underground and mainstream music to be available at its highest level and make it available internationally.

Code of Honor
We will not deceive, steal or cheat, nor will we tolerate anyone within the company who does. We deal with everyone with integrity. We put Service before ourselves and we want to achieve excellence in all that we do.